Six Flags Great Escape

Six Flags was having a pretty incredible deal going with their gold season passes for $6.65 a month ($80, but spread out over 12 months), so we decided to pick two up (kids 2 and under don’t require tickets).  We also picked up a photo pass since it was only $20 for the entire season and, surprisingly, the photo release terms are actually extremely consumer friendly.  We went up for the first time today.  Great Escape has over 20 rides for kids under 36 inches and quite a few walk through experiences that work well, so it seemed like it would be a good idea.  While Declan was a little impatient on the ride up, once we got there, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and came home all tired out from a long fun day.

I guess winter really was coming… even if it’s spring now…

But that’s ok, because I finally get to try out my snow suit!!!