20 Week Ultrasound

Well, one of the most anticipated and exciting days thus far finally arrived.  We had the 20 week ultrasound on Thursday and got to see our little baby boy for the first time where he doesn’t look more like a shrimp than a human.  He checked out perfectly healthy and was nice enough to wave his hand at us while they were doing the ultrasound.  Watching his little heart beating in real time was an amazing experience and it makes it seem like the next 20 weeks will be almost unbearably long to wait, even though the first 20 weeks have flown by.

Danielle is obviously showing now and we’ve been talking to Declan for a week or two now since babies start being able to hear from outside the womb around week 18 or 19.  It’s nice to finally be able to start calling him by name when talking to him.  It’s a bit harder to do now that Danielle is working nights, but I try to talk to and pray for Declan at least once a day.  We’ve started the gift registry on both Amazon and Babies R Us, but we still need to swing back by and finish up at Babies R Us since we ran out of time last time.

It took a little bit of effort, but choosing a name went pretty quickly after we had the gender.  I didn’t like the sound of Declan at first, but it was Danielle’s first choice and it grew on me.  We had a bit more trouble with the middle name.  We joked around a bit about Ulysses or Orion (DUH or DOH respectively), but decided as much fun as those initials might be, the options with U or O that we could think of just didn’t work.  Since I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for initials and a thing for audio, we ended up agreeing on DJ as initials in the hopes that we may save him the trouble of figuring out a stage name some day.  While initially we hadn’t planned on naming our children after ourselves, since DJ worked so well and James works with Declan, we settled on Declan James Henderson.

After a quick check, we found that DeclanHenderson.com was available, so we picked it up and finalized our name selection.  Yes, I admit this was an incredibly nerdy requirement, but my thinking is that currently it is a big deal for someone in the tech field to have their own URL to manage their online reputation and brand.  20 years from now, it may very well spread to being useful for brand management for people in any field.  I was lucky enough to be able to get my name and we were able to get a nickname for Danielle, but I want to make sure we can get that same thing for our children.

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